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Post  Rhaan on Wed May 14, 2008 10:04 pm

yes, another topic about my ongoing project, lol; this time, I'll share with you some of the conversation text that occurs after characters have gained certain lvs of support; while a short exchange between the characters plays upon a rank up, additional, random yet trigerrable events may appear under certain situations...I'm still coming up with them, but this is similar to the "Skit" system in the Tales series; after the player views these scenes and during their second playthrough and beyond, these events may be replayed by talking to a certain NPC (like replaying cutscenes in XI)

currently I've only worked on some convos involving my character simply because it's me so I know what I'd say/want to say here's the ones I have done xD

Conv. 1 (Ash)
Upon acheiving S-ranked support, order at a restaurant when Rhaan and Ash are either both in the battle party or both on the reserve team, must order some type of soup
(Rhaan and Ash are sipping soup while Ash savors it, going "mmmmm" extensively, Rhaan quietly watches directly across the small table, after a moment, Rhaan quickly brings his hand down and accidently hits his spoons handle, causing some soup to splash his face, before he can say anything, Ash speaks)
Ash: ah, you okay hun? don't trouble yourself hehe, I'll get that (he takes Rhaan's chin in his hand and licks Rhaan's cheeks where the soup had splashed, as Rhaan begins to blush he says)
Rhaan (quietly): ...kinda jealous...
Ash: eh? (Rhaan looks him in the eyes)
Rhaan (normal tone): I'm a little jealous
Ash: of...what?
Rhaan: I'll admit that this soup is good haha, but...I'm jealous because...
Ash: ...because?
Rhaan: you just seem to really enjoy're so content and gaining pleasure...but it's not because of me, it's not coming from me
Ash: hee...(grinning), so why are you jealous?
Rhaan: umm...
Ash: nothing can replace you here (he takes Rhaan's hand and places it over his heart), my heart beats faster when you're near, you can feel it can't you?
Rhaan: yes...and you may notice my hand is getting warmer, nobody else can or ever could give me the warmth that you do...I...I can't hold back anymore...(he leans in quickly a presses his lips against Ash's and throws his arms around him as the screen goes dark, but still their voices are heard)
Ash: you don't have to hold back anymore, you're safe, I'll protect you, so no holding back, you make me the best I can be, love me with all that's in you, Rhaan
Rhaan: Ashi...I always do...

Conv. 2 (Jeauno)
Upon acheiving A-rank and after Jeauno has and equips the "E.M.T." title, enter the 3rd floor hall of the hospital
(as Rhaan and Jea stroll down the hall they talk)
Jea: ugh, I can't stand this place...been in here way too much
Rhaan: I can imagine, but y'know Jea, I have to praise you
Jea: me? yeah I'm leet awesome but everyone knows this, why the praise?
Rhaan: I could never do the job you did...but still you did it, and you know you really are a savior
Jea: really? how so?
Rhaan: you're possibly the bravest person I know, you stood up to my family, when I needed saving, defending, you did that; no one else had done that before, you didn't have to, and your good karma I think is what also protected you from getting a potentially killer virus
Jea: aww, yeah...I do rule, I mean, who else can compete with Ihm's dictator-ness haha, gotta save the world yesh?
Rhaan: most importantly, you saved me, thank you Jeau Jeau bean (hugs Jeauno)
Jea: awww, you're welcome (blushes, then the screen fades to black)

ok...yeah, they're not very long, just quick cutscenes showing that the bond between the ppl has become strong lol; more on the way

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Post  IHM on Wed May 14, 2008 10:23 pm

WHAT! Dictator O_O WHAT!!!!!!!

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